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 Epic-Scape's Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Epic-Scape's Forum Rules   Tue Apr 06, 2010 9:23 am

These are the rules of Epic Scape's Forums. If you break them you will be warned once, then punished.

1. No Flaming Other Members

Do not flame members because of things that happened in real life, if your just angry don't flame people for that. Don't take your problems or anger out on other people who did nothing against you.

2. Do Not Double Post

Don't post one thing, then right after it post another thing... example:

Player 1: This is funny
Player 2: I know right
Player 2: This is so Funny

How it should be:

Player 1: This is so funny
Player 2: I know right, this is so funny

3. Do Not Go Off Topic

Don't go off topic, posts will be deleted and you will be warned.
Player 1: Did you know what this person did to me?
Player 2: I likez Pie

4. Do Not Abuse Power

Do not ban someone or anything else unless you have permission from the owner.

Also, do not lock topics for the fun of it. And do not move topics to where they do not belong.
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Epic-Scape's Forum Rules
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