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 Matt's Ultimate Crafting Guide

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PostSubject: Matt's Ultimate Crafting Guide   Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:07 am

Okay..... so first off have about 3M+ cash in your inventory.

Then teleport to catherby:



Then trade Domnick and buy a chisel:

Then place your chisel in this spot... and buy 26 sapphires, then use the chisel on the sapphire right under the chisel until the whole inventory is complete

Do sapphires until 40 crafting

Then do the same thing with emeralds until 60 crafting

Then rubies until 70

Then diamonds until 75

Then dragon stones until 99!

Once you run out of money, go to the bank and take out all the amulets as a note, and go sell them to Herquin! You make a lot of profit. Almost 20M CASH!

Here's the skillcape!

All credit to Matt.
Uploaded the pictures using Www.Tinypic.Com

Please post if there is anything I need to add or anything I need to fix.
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Matt's Ultimate Crafting Guide
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